Giorgio Tabellini
He can boast more than 35 years of experience and success in the tool machine protection and accessories sector.  In 1980 he founded the P.E.I Group of which today he is chairman and business partner.
Demonstrating great versatility in the world of national enterprise, Giorgio Tabellini is chairman of The Chamber of Commerce in Bologna, honorary chairman of the CNA (Association of Bologna) and furthermore he is on the board of director Bologna Airport company and chairman of Co.MARK S.P.A.
Vittorio Mardegan
Ever since the beginning of his career, Vittorio Mardegan has focused on the industrial machine tool protective cover sector. In fact, he started his professional experience in 1981 as technical office manager of an industrial protective cover manufacturer. He founded S.P.E.R., the glued, round sewn and heat-formed bellows manufacturing company that in 1985 entered into an agreement with the P.E.I. Group and later became a part of it. He is currently a group shareholder and executive
Michele Benedetti
He started working at PEI as an engineer in 1992 and shortly afterwards stood out as the central figure in the Innovation and Development department. In 2005 he joined the partners of PEI and proved to be a leading manager that will be able to share adiministration of the PEI Group in the future by following the path of technical development and expansion on all markets.
Andrea Zambelli
His professional development took place during his function as management consultant for the strategy division in Andersen Consulting, where he worked on business plans for important clients in Italy and abroad. During this time he was also assigned exceptional tasks.
He acquired further corporate experience implementing development strategies, in particular during his employment as manager of the Bologna Trade Fair.
In 2012 he joined PEI, being responsible for accompanying the corporation in its internationalisation outside Europe. This was illustrated by the opening of a production site in Brazil in March 2013. Due to his expertise in management and strategic planning, he subsequently became a shareholder of the group.