Security roll-up partitions

Applicazioni per la sicurezza saldaturaApplicazioni per la sicurezza saldatura
Divisori avvolgibili di sicurezzaDivisori avvolgibili di sicurezza
Divisori avvolgibili di sicurezzaDivisori avvolgibili di sicurezza

Weld Screen – Roll-up welding island dividers

WELD SCREEN mobile safeguard for welding work stations.

  • WELD SCREEN is equipped with an anti-glare foil which can be unwound and used as a separating blind between welding and honing work stations.
  • WELD SCREEN serves as a safety barrier and screen protecting uninvolved personnel from the harmful effect of welding radiation and reflections on the eyes and skin. The semitransparent protective shield also offers optimal protection against weld spatter and flying sparks. Due to its foldaway construction, it has limited external measurements and is therefore easily transportable (weight: 8,9 kg).
  • WELD SCREEN is a safety curtain mounted on a portable pedestal. It is available in semi-transparent ORANGE version or in opaque GREEN version. Both materials of the welding guards are according to Standards EN-25980 and UNI EN-1598.


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For offices

Security roll-up dividing wall for offices

MOBILE ROLL-UP SCREEN is a room dividing wall with an area of 2000×2000 mm. It is transportable and easy to install for immediate and safe positioning.
The curtain is made of transparent PVC with a polyester net embedded, necessary to perform an excellent mechanical resistance and to allow a clear view.

It can be rolled up by means of a patented P.E.I. spring mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed permanently.
Despite its total area of 4 sqm, the overall dimension of MOBILE ROLL-UP SCREEN is 90x110x2090 mm when closed and it can be quickly repositioned, thanks to its easy transport system.

CURTAIN: Transparent 0.5 mm PVC with clear, rollable polyester mesh
WEIGHT: 8.9 Kg
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