Roll-up covers for HORIZONTAL application

PIT ROLL-UP COVER closes the upper part of the pit of machines whose base (or other parts) lie below the tread.
By use of this horizontally installed apron, current accident prevention regulations can be complied with.
By installing the “J”-series apron cover, the machine pit can be walked-on at any time.

  • Velocity: up to 120 m/min; suitable for wet and dry machining
  • Guaranteed service life: 1.000.000 movements
  • Highly resistant: particularily suitable for walk-on surfaces
  • Entirely made of metal
  • The side facing the flying chips has an absolutely even surface
  • Cleaned by way wipers
  • The mechanical winding mechanism produces no impact or vibration noise
  • The lateral apron guide is designed in such a way that the chips fall into the chip conveyor
  • Closed lateral steel plates produce a “chain effect”
  • Modular system with single exchangeable elements
  • Joint protected by an integrated labyrinth
  • Reinforced version with steel profiles