Dual Barrier 2EVO-part1Dual Barrier 2EVO-part1

Characteristics of profiled wipers

They are suitable for work environments with a heavy concentration of sharp shavings: their polyurethane profile
resists against abrasion and can be easily replaced.
Any shapes and dimensions available according to customer drawings.
There are no equipment costs, so they can be produced in small series.
For fastening them, we recommend counter-sunk hex screws.

The profiled wipers can be manufactured by using traditional technology or innovative additive technology.

3D Wiper

3D Wiper

Profiled wipers

The new line of P.E.I. wipers with polyurethane coat produced by additive technology.

P.E.I. has developed its own additive, unique on the market technology and built its own printers to produce optimally functioning wipers that can match the properties of pressed wipers.
The P.E.I. technology can produce wipers up to 1,000 x 1,000 mm in a single piece, with no interruptions in the polyurethane element.

■ Flexible dimensions
■ No tools have to be made
■ No minimum or maximum production batch sizes.