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PEI sewn flat bellows: strong and durable

P.E.I. sewn bellows are very robust and have a very compact closed length in relation to the stroke of the bellows.
These bellows are manufactured with a double seam on the folds.
Since there is no pleat, the accumulation of chips and emulsions on the bellows is avoided.
If the application requires special structural rigidity, profiled metal intermediate elements can be provided for a secure support on the guideway.

Bellows data:

B = Bellows width

a = Bellows height

d = Bellows return

x = Fold height

AP = Fold opening

For this type of bellows, consult our technical department.


Formulae for calculating the closed length

Sewn flat covers

Data definition

Formula for the calculation of the CLOSED LENGTH of the sewn flat bellows

  • Closed Length = NP x 2,5 + flange thickness

Formula for calculating the N ° of STEPS

  • NP = Number of steps = P.A. / AP + 2

Formula for calculating the OPENING of a step

  • AP = 1 step opening = (x-8). 1.41

For this type of bellows, consult our technical department


Data definitions

  • P.A. = Open Length
  • P.C. = Closed Length