Coperture Telescopiche speciali doppieCoperture Telescopiche speciali doppie

Special telescopic covers

Two telescopic guards joined together to cover long strokes.
Equal orientation of the two protective elements along the axis in order to maintain a uniform friction force induced by the weight of the boxes that gravitate on the scrapers, thus favouring the extraction and re-entry of the boxes in a fluid and regular way, avoiding jolts that can affect the structure of the machine and be seen in the surface finish of the workpiece.
The Multibend configuration of the double telescopic covers makes it possible to lighten the protection despite its considerable size, while maintaining the required rigidity for optimal scraping of the elements. Low inertia, in relation to the dimensions, for the high dynamics of the opening and closing movements. In addition, lower energy consumption for the machine pulling the guard. Equipped with a Damper Shell device designed to dissipate the considerable kinetic energy that comes into play with high-speed displacements.

Our technical department is at the customer’s disposal to design customised solutions to meet all needs.

Here are some examples of our special creations:

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