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Present for more than forty years on the market for workplace safety
and protections for machine tools

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The strategy of success of the PEI Group emerges from the intuition of the founding partners in recognising the importance of workplace safety, which has led, since the 1980s, to the significant development of the market for protective covers in machine tools.
Innovation, quality and constantly keeping an eye on the sales prices are the driving values of the PEI Group, a leading manufacturer in Italy and Europe of protective covers for machine tools.
The experience gained in over 40 years presence on the market has led to an amalgamation of commercial and managerial competence with extensive know-how in production engineering. By striving for constant technical innovation, the Group has succeeded in attaining over 70 international patents up today.
In order to offer bellows, aprons, roll-up and telescopic covers suitable for the continuously evolving customer or market requirements, the PEI Group invests more than 4% of its annual turnover in Research and Development.
The commercial structure of the PEI Group consists of a widespread network of commercial technicians and thus guarantees coverage across the whole of Italy and Germany as well as a major part of the rest of Europe. Through trade agreements, products “made by PEI” are distributed worldwide. The past few years the Group has experienced a strong growth and turnover abroad has reached 50% of the total turnover.

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More than forty years’ experience in this market means that the group can rely on a perfect blend of business skills and technical-production know-how.




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Innovation, quality, and constant commitment to keeping prices down are the seminal traits of the PEI Group, among the leading providers of machine tool guard systems in Italy and Europe.

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The company


The company

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