Wave Sky Chemical bellows for roofs

Wave Sky Chemical

A new product deriving from P.E.I.’s well-known Wave Sky line, suitable for closure of chemical plants for surface treatments, as galvanic, chromium-plating, painting treatments.

Wave Sky Chemical ensures optimal closure of the tanks, complying with current regulations about safety at work in order to protect the factory and its environment from pollutant emissions.

This protection consists of technical polymers created to resist against the aggression of chemical agents used in the process and can be tailor-made to perfectly match with the plant configuration.

Wave Sky Chemical is the new mobile closure system that provides optimal protection in a very small space, with easy maintenance and high level of customisation.



Wave Sky Chemical bellows for roofs

Folding roof cover significantly lighter than a fixed closure .


Wave Sky Chemical bellows for roofs

Customisable and detachable in the event of restoration differently to a fixed closure.


Wave Sky Chemical bellows for roofs

Mobile and compact solution whose opening allows
great space saving compared to a fixed closure.



Wave Sky Chemical bellows for roofs

Polymer carriages resistant to the aggression of surface treatments.
AISI 316 screws and bolt.