Compact telescopic covers


The SHEET-POCKET  telescopic steel cover is the most effective solution for shielding the Y-axis (vertical) in horizontal machining centers and in boring machines, even in case of very large strokes.
It is supplied in a fully enclosed frame that is independent from the machine structure: the self-contained steel cover is easy to install and remove for maintenance or inspection.
The rigid and steady geometry of the elements ensures that they keep fastened together and well aligned. This allows perfect scraping and extends the life of the SHEET-POCKET even with large quantities of chips. Minimal maintenance required.
The double-stepped version provides maximum retention against the penetration of fluids during machining.
Speeds up to 150 m/min. Accelerations of 2 g.
The SHEET-POCKET Telescopic Steel Cover can be easily combined with SURE-SPRING® roll-up covers or with protective shields with laminations.




Compact telescopic covers

Spindle opening with edges protected by protected wipers, with polyurethane profile.

Containment box

Compact telescopic covers

Frame box designed for:
■ Stiffening the structure
■ Making the coupling between metal structure and SHEET-POCKET easier
■ Allowing easy assembly and quick disassembly in case of maintenance
■ Making transport safer in case of large dimensioned covers.

Moving panels

Compact telescopic covers

Moving panels, made of special, very resistant steel, that slide over each other to prevent chips from penetrating into the cover.