Compact Telescopic Covers


The SHEET-POCKET ™ compact telescopic cover is the solution to problems in shielding the Y axis in horizontal machining centres and boring machines, even for very long strokes.

The configuration is closed and independent from the machine structure, easily positioned and removed for maintenance inspection.

The rigid and sturdy structure of the elements keeps the boxes bound to each other and the sheets aligned, always allowing perfect scraping and extending the life of the Sheet-Pocket even with the presence of large quantities of shavings. The maintenance required is minimal.

The double-scaled version vigorously opposes the entry of processing liquids.

Speed up to 150 m / min. Acceleration up to 2 G.

SHEET-POCKET ™ Telescopic Covers can be easily combined with SURE-SPRING roll-up rollers or gusseted shields with blades.




Compact Telescopic Covers

Spindle exit opening with edge protection via protected oil scraper, with polyurethane profile.

Containment box

Compact Telescopic Covers

Telescopic cover containment box, designed for:

  • stiffening the structure
  • facilitating the coupling between the metal structure and the Sheet Pocket
  • allowing easy assembly and quick disassembly in case of maintenance,
  • making transportation safer in case of large size

Mobile Panels

Compact Telescopic Covers

Sequence of movable panels, built in special high-strength steel, the overlapping of the elements prevents chip penetration inside.