Dual Barrier 2EVO-part1Dual Barrier 2EVO-part1


PEI produces various special protection solutions dedicated to the machine tool market

UNIQUE STEEL COVER is the LIGHT protection of stainless steel slats with innovative features:

The traditional heat-sealed bellows with slats have always been available in the PEI catalogue; guarantee total protection against incandescent chips and coolant, thanks to the combined action of the steel slats and the special waterproof fabric. The version without bellows called UNIQUE STEEL COVER is now added to these devices, a solution aimed once again at compacting the space occupied on the machine tool.
In fact, the absence of bellows allows for an overall lightening of the system and above all a significant reduction in the size of the closed parcel of the protection itself, with an obvious advantage for the customer.

The subject of the patent is the integration of the towing system with the slats, which makes assembly and possible replacement of damaged blades much faster, further reducing the overall dimensions compared to other solutions on the market today.


  • Synchronised towing system
  • Towing voltage calculated.
  • It does not propagate forces to the axis of the machine.
  • Suitable for frontal working position.

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