Wave Cover bellows for roofs

The roof protection for machines with Z axis less than 2 metres

This P.E.I. solution is a complete roof cover for gantry and portal machines with Z-axis up to 2 meters that allows the machine operators to access the machining chamber without opening the cover.

Differently from Wave Sky, WAVE COVER has a portal shape with sides and roof making the structure self-supporting.

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“Gabled” solution

Wave Cover bellows for roofs

Wave Cover also allows you to completely close a machine with a Z axis of less than 2 metres, while leaving the operator free to access the interior without necessarily having to open the cover.
Wave Cover is based on a modular logic similar to that of Wave Sky, but adopts a “gabled” solution that allows the widest coverage and positioning of the guides at any height (even below) “.

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Wave Cover bellows for roofs

Contrary to Wave Sky, Wave Cover has a portal shape, with sides and roof that guarantee the autonomous support of the structure.

Plastic hinges are applied on the sides, rigid enough to prevent overturning, but flexible to ensure the opening and closing of the mechanism; the system ensures that all frames remain parallel and vertical.

This stiffening system between the frames is the subject of a patent.
In fact, Wave Cover is the first solution of this type on the market, it stands out for its features and innovation.