The SHEET-POCKET TM Telescopic Steel Cover is the most effective solution for shielding the Y-axis (vertical) in horizontal machining centers. It is supplied in a fully enclosed frame that is independent from the machine structure. The self-contained sheet-pocket is easy to install and remove for maintenance  or inspection.

  • Speeds up to 150 m/min
  • Accelerations of 2 g.

The SHEET-POCKET TM Telescopic Steel Cover can be easily combined with SURE-SPRING® roll-up covers.

SheetPocket 2017
  1. Spindle opening with edges guarded by protected wipers, with polyurethane profile.
  2. Telescopic Steel Cover casing designed to allow easy installation and rapid disassembly for maintenance.
  3. Sequence of moving panels, made of special high-resistance steel, fully adhering to one another  prevent shavings from penetrating insideo.

SheetPocket tipologie