This innovative cover can be totally dismantled and is ideal for protecting frontal and vertical axles in small to medium working centres, transfer machines, lathes and milling borers.

  • MAINTENANCE: easy access to both the whole cover and machine tool
  • DISASSEMBLY: the components can be disassembled directly on the machine
  • ASSEMBLY: manual, as there are no welded parts
  • MATERIAL: highly resistant steel
  • DIMENSIONS: up to 1 metre wide and 4.5 metres high
  • SPEED: up to 150m/min and acceleration up to 2g


(Patent Pending)



The panels which form the Snap Telescopic Cover can be detached and reassembled on the machine without removing the head of the milling machine, columns or multi-tool spindles.
The external frame base remains fixed on the machine allowing the panels to be remounted without requiring alignment or calibration.