• Resistant to oils, coolants and hot shavings
  • Resistant to wear
  • Wiper profile has durable flexibility

Mount example

Example of guide mountExample of flange mountPossible method of fastening to guide
esclamatico  always indicate this measurement!    asteriscoGuide plane
  • For work environments with a heavy concentration of sharp shavings.
  • Built to drawings in any shape or size.
  • Single pieces or large series can be manufactured due to no equipment costs.
  • Polyurethane profile resists abrasion and is easily replaced.
  • We must have a drawing with measurements showing the profile of the guides to wipe.
  • Pre-loading is determined by our engineering department based on the shape of the wipe.
  • The wiper measurements refer to free position without pre-load and it is ALWAYS necessary to indicate the distance measurement between fastening bore and guide plane to weap.
  • For fastening, we recommend counter-sunk hex screws.