Roll-up covers with canister

The housing of the roller shutter protection with box inside a box has many advantages:

  • Protection of the roller from accidental blows
  • Cleaning the band with a scraper
  • Very pleasant aesthetically
  • Wide variety of fixing methods

Roller shutter protection materials with box:

  • Aluminium Boxes,
  • Steel,
  • Steel INOX

1,000,000-movement guarantee. All roll-up guards with and without box are built to order.



Definition of dimensions

Roll-up covers with canister

The shutter guards can be equipped with containment boxes. These boxes are made to measure according to the maximum diameter of the winding roller and the customers’ needs (AxA quota), they are equipped with a scraping system for cleaning the carpet and corner pieces with holes for easy fixing in the machine.

The standard materials used are:
• Painted steel
• Inox
• Aluminium

A = Box size
Ø Max = Maximum diameter all wrapped up
Ø R = Winding roll diameter
IPC = Protection dimensions with box
LC = Course length
LM = Max length
LT = Floor length

The overall dimensions of the total roller shutter protection, IPC quota, is influenced by the K and Q quotas which are calculated by our technicians who are at your disposal for clarification


Assembly diagrams for vertical working positions

Roll-up covers with canister

This diagram is valid for all roll-up protection and represents:

  • Type of terminal
  • Exit direction from the band
  • Terminal position on the band
  • Pin / tab view

Assembly diagrams in horizontal and frontal working positions

Roll-up covers with canister

This diagram is valid for all shutter protection and represents:

  • Type of terminal
  • Direction of exit of the band
  • Position of the terminal on the band
  • Pin / tab view

Fixing terminals

Roll-up covers with canister

The belt fastening terminals on the machine are made of steel or aluminium strips and angles and drilled at the customers’ request


Roll-up covers with canister

Box assembly

To find the most suitable fastening system for the box, we suggest you overlap the represented possibilities without rotating, on top of the roll-up protection scheme of your choice.

Work position:

Roll-up covers with canister
  • O = Horizontal shutter protection
  • F = Frontal shutter protection
  • V = Vertical shutter protection

Oil Scraper

Roll-up covers with canister

This diagram represents the 2 possibilities for applying the oil scraper to the box.


Roll-up covers with canister

Example of assembly code

It represents the visible side of the belt, the working position, the terminal fixing, the box fixing and the oil scraper position

Work position: F1
Terminal fixing: 2
Box fixing: T5
Oil scraper position: R2



Roll-up covers with canister

SURE-SPRING® Mechanism
The P.E.I. Shutter protection equipped with the mechanism SURE-SPRING® represents the most advanced stage of technical innovation in the field of roll-up rollers.

  • Suitable for HIGH-SPEED work
  • The multiple springs remain COAXIAL with each other
  • The springs NEVER INTERSECT each other
  • REDUCTION of the overall diameters
  • ECCELLENT reliability
  • SPEED of advancement up to 150 m / min
  • ACCELERATION up to 2g
  • Guarantee 2.000.000 movements
  • SAFETY when anchoring the floor to the tube because adhesive products are NOT used
  • PRACTICALITY in maintenance as the replacement of the band is very quick and simple
  • Also suitable for work environments with STRONG AGGRESSIVE chemicals
  • HEALTHY for the environment


Roll-up covers with canister

The SURE-SPRING HP winding mechanism responds to the need for an increase in power required by the winding of very large protection.
The optimal sizing of the springs develops adequate towing power for the movement of the “J” Series Shutters

Translation of motion

Roll-up covers with canister

The rotational movement of the tube with respect to the fixed central pin is obtained by means of a sliding toothed member.

This system allows you to compensate for the elongation of multiple springs by means of an axial displacement of the fixing of the springs themselves using a multi-start threaded pin.

Innovative Characteristics

Roll-up covers with canister

This new system allows multiple springs to work with optimal structure, keeping the coils closed thanks to their sliding movement along the axis.


Roll-up covers with canister

Mechanical fixing of the floor on the tube

It is the most reliable method to ensure the safety of anchoring the band on the tube.


Roll-up covers with canister

SURE-SPRING® working diagram

  • In the shutter roller n ° 1 (traditional system), the springs are fixed to the heads housed at the ends of the pin. In this execution, the springs are arranged, during winding or unwinding, in a typical helical configuration with obvious wear problems due to rubbing between the coils themselves, as well as between the coils and the central shaft.
  • In the shutter roller n ° 2 (SURE-SPRING® system), the springs are fixed to a movable head which, during winding and unwinding, slides longitudinally, keeping the coils of the springs packed and concentric. This structure of the springs avoids most of the wear mentioned above, allowing much higher performance and a much longer operating life of the shutter roller.