Shutter protection for parallel lathes

Shutter protection for lathes

The roll-up shutter protection for LATHES responds to the need to limit the risk originating from the handling of the nut screw and/or the bars of parallel lathes (compliant with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC).

PEI shutter guards for LATHES have the following advantages:

  • Ease of assembly
  • Adaptability to each type of lathe
  • Minimum dimensions
  • Absence of projection of fragments, in the case of accidental breakage

This is a kit that has been designed to protect the operator from the machine’s progress bars, preventing direct contact with moving parts.

The system consists of two separate shutter rollers, to be fixed on the two sides of the longitudinal carriage and to the base of the corresponding side.

The complete kit of roll-up protections for the mother screw of the lathe consists of a pair of rollers equipped with a protective tape made of coated technical fabric, resistant to coolants and abrasion.
The shutter rollers are driven from the inside by a single spring or multiple spring motor.
During the movement of the longitudinal carriage, the two units unwind and wrap themselves, constantly segregating the progress bars and the lead screw.

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Data and Characteristics

Shutter protection for parallel lathes


  • FIXING of the protection to the machine in galvanised steel
  • BAND in fabric resistant to oils and coolants
  • RETURN MOTOR with single spring or with multiple springs


1 and 3 = FIXING:
The identification codes: LT150LM1200- LT200LM1500-LT200LM2000- LT250LM3000 are in galvanised steel
The identification codes: LT300LM4000- LT350LM5000-LT400LM6000-LT450LM7000 are painted black

2 = BAND: in fabric resistant to oils and coolants

4 = RETURN MOTOR: with single spring or with multiple springs

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Standard dimensions
Cod.Descript.Identification code
LTRug Width150200200250300350400450
LMMax lenght1.200 1.500 2.000 3.000 4.000 5.000 6.000 7.000
Ø MAXMax diameter48526283100121141144
AWheelbase support3350505060808080
BxBUntreated aluminum corner15x15x315x15x315x15x315x15x315x15x315x15x320x20x320x20x3